2015 Shippensburg Community Fair: Results Day

Okay I guess technically, results day was Tuesday after 4pm, after the judges went through tacking ribbons onto the exhibits. But I was working so I didn’t find out until today if the things I entered won at all. I’ve been excited and hyper all week, just itching to know what—if anything—my entries may have earned.

In my post on Monday, I told you I entered a few things in the fair: my Indigo Blue Berry cherry tomatoes, purple jalapeños, a pair of earrings I made last fall, and 4 photographs.  From where we parked, we entered the building that had the needlework, knitting, and other crafts first.  This was the building in which the booth was where I turned in my earrings on entry day.

wpid-img_20150724_174505_143.jpgwpid-img_20150724_175056_114.jpgI found them in a glass case in the same corner in which the entry table was sitting on Monday….with a blue ribbon attached.  To say I was excited and smiling from this would be a huge understatement.  I may have even been jumping up and down a little bit.  We then moved on to the next building, we found a third place ribbon on my tomatoes.  While I was snapping a picture of them, Dylan found my jalapeños.  “Your jalapeños got first!”


What really made the whole thing for me though, was my photos. My picture of a gold and green June Beetle won nothing. Neither did my landscape of Shawnee State Park or my picture of my jalapeño blooms.  But the picture that really means a lot to me won third for the Adult – Portrait division.  Seeing that I started crying.  It’s a picture of my little brother, placing his boutonniere on our uncle’s casket last summer.

A Nephew’s Farewell

The prizes for winning aren’t anything to brag about. I think I’ll be getting a grand total of $12 on Monday when I pick up my displays. But as Nancy always said, it’s not about the money. It’s about the ribbons.


2 thoughts on “2015 Shippensburg Community Fair: Results Day

  1. It is about the ribbons. The judges look over all the entries in each category very carefully, looking for the best quality item in each group. Knowing that your item was among many that were considered and that most times the competition is tough, yea, it’s about the ribbons. Walking in there and finding a ribbon on your item is so rewarding. I was so excited for you that you won! Next year…………..

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