Growing Purple

Long story short, there’s purple showing up in force everywhere in the garden. I picked our first purple bell pepper on Monday. There are at least six more on the plants, already all purple and getting bigger. I feel like planting twice as many next year. I can go through bell peppers like crazy when they’re available. And why not? They go great in just about anything!

One of the most exciting things going on in the garden is our yard-long purple Thai beans. They have the cutest little flowers, and in just four days our first bean went from hardly crossing the pad of my finger to being nearly the length of my hand! There are more flowers and beans following the first, and the plants are about halfway up the trellis leg on that side.

A bloom on the Thai beans.
A bloom on the Thai beans.
The first Thai bean, as seen this morning.
The first Thai bean, as seen this morning.

I just had to get a picture of my purple cherry tomatoes this morning too. They’re so pretty when the sun shines on them. It really adds a beautiful depth to their color. To me, they shine like little blown glass decorations. I can’t help but smile every time I see them.


A few steps around the house brings us to one of the most anticipated things I’ve been growing: my gladiolus. They’ve started to bloom, and I’ve found that the pictures and descriptions on the label when I bought the bulbs have been far from accurate, with the exception that there are white blooms in the mixture. The red are pink; white and purple are also pink. The “blue” are a very beautiful purple. While I am annoyed that the colors aren’t those that I was expecting, how could I complain about anything so beautiful?


9 thoughts on “Growing Purple

  1. I just looked out at the gladiolas and they are all so pretty, whatever colors they are. More peppers next year….we can do that! And more cukes and more beans and more tomatoes, yea, there’s more room for more!

      1. That sounds like a plan. And zucchinis right in the ground. We’ll need to plan over the winter, and write those good ideas down now as you think of them. You need a book like I have to start keeping notes in, and I look back thru mine so I don’t forget what we learned from last year. There’s always more to learn. 🙂 And there’s more yard………..

      2. Definitely! I’ll find one who’s style suits its purpose. Might go to B&N while Dylan’s sleeping Friday morning. They have all kinds of journal type books. And it’s been too long since I’ve been there anyways!

  2. How lovely to have all that purple! The only new purple I have right now is bandaging the doctor gave me for my wrists…and I was actually excited about it. After looking at your pictures, I am inspire to go out and get me something purple that is alive…

    1. The purple peppers really mess with your mind, because it keeps telling you “That’s not riiiight!” They’re so pretty, though, like nature’s ornaments. 🙂

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