Shippensburg Community Fair: Entry Day

When I moved to Shippensburg, I tried to describe to my mom what the town was like. Small. Cute. Nothing like the Denver suburb that I grew up in. According to the Borough website, they claim 2.5 square miles and 5.5 thousand residents. I moved from a city of half a million. And that’s just the numbers according to the census. To say it’s a bit different from the places I’ve lived before would be quite the understatement.


The architecture is different here. The streets, the people. The Fair.


I’ve never been part of a community event like that, or part of a community that even has such a thing. I don’t even know if El Paso had anything even remotely resembling that, and if they did, I never heard it advertised in my 12 years there. This year, I’m in it.


This is why I didn’t pick any of my Indigo Blue Berry cherry tomatoes recently. I wanted to save them, pick the best ones to enter. Last night I saw that some little bug had chewed on a couple tomatoes that were on the bunch I had been thinking to use! Ohh those bugs better hope I don’t find them! I was still able to pick five little tomatoes that had some decent purple to them, so that still turned out fine.

I also entered my purple jalapenos, a pair of earrings, and four photographs. With each entry, as you turn it in, they give you a little tag that has your exhibitor number, the category of the item, and your name for you to present when you go back to pick it up after the fair is over. It was very interesting being there before any of the home goods were on the shelves yet. A little nerve-wracking too, but that’s just because of what it means, being a part of a community-wide competition.

Since we were already there, Nancy and I went into the livestock area to go see the cute lil sheeps and goats. The sheep were getting sheared, and a few got some interesting haircuts, with a poof of wool left on the top of their head or on the bottom half of their legs (which made them look like they were wearing lil legwarmers reminiscent of the 80’s). They were all very cute, and one lil guy just insisted on having his head scratched. I was quite happy to oblige.


The judges will go in tomorrow, look at everything and put out the ribbons on the winning entries. Although Nancy volunteered to take pictures of the exhibits on Wednesday when she’s there, to let me know if I won anything, I finally decided (after much waffling) that I’d rather find out on Friday when Dylan and I go. Friday’s always a day to look forward to, but this one even more so!

4 thoughts on “Shippensburg Community Fair: Entry Day

  1. Our little town has some advantages and I had no idea you had never been to a community fair before. We take it for granted cos it’s here every year, but it’s still brand new to you. Good luck in the competitions and you get to see your things on display on Friday. You entered things in your community fair!

      1. Yep, you were already part of the community, but now more so cos you entered the competitions at the fair! And when you go Friday you also get to sample all the good food, which I swear tastes better than it would anywhere else, just cos you’re at the fair.

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