Sweltering Sunday

I went out earlier to look around the garden, check on my flowers and different veggies, and I just about drowned. The air is thick and heavy and hot. I know it was hot too, when I lived in the desert, but the lack of humidity there compared to here really does make a huge difference. You just shouldn’t need to get out the chainsaw to cut the air so you can move from place to place.


Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. It is good that we’re getting some heat, rather than nothing but clouds and rain. The zucchini plants especially want more than water, and with the warm rays coming down on their leaves, it looks like one of the plants may be recovering from the problem they were having before, with the yellowing leaves and the rotting squash. I don’t know if the other two plants will come back around, just as I’m not sure if this one is starting to do as well as I’m hoping. It does have two lil zucchinis on it that are starting to grow, and for now looking pretty healthy. (*knocks wood*)


The tomatoes have really started to produce this last week. Lots of cherry tomatoes and several yellow pear tomatoes were picked. I’ve got probably at least a dozen and a half of my Indigo Blue Berry cherry tomatoes ripening. If you’re interested in a unique tomato plant that grows big and is a prolific producer, I’d recommend this variety. And not just because I’ve got a purple addiction either. Honest. They really are very pretty. I’ve been holding off on harvesting any of them yet, but I’ll be picking some of them in the morning. Why then? Well, that’s another story. I’ll share that with you tomorrow afternoon.


The yard-long purple Thai beans are climbing (they’re about 3-4ft up the bamboo now) and they started producing flowers this week. Cute little light purple flowers, and yesterday I saw the first bean. Thin as a blade of grass and about an inch long. This morning that same bean was double the length it was yesterday, and has started to get its color. Oh I can’t wait to see more of them!


There’s just something satisfying when you grow your own food. You appreciate it more, and it certainly tastes better. You’ll never get anything at the store as fresh as you will growing it yourself. Garden on, my friends!

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