Extended Recovery

Thursday morning (I want to say this morning but it’s after midnight here, so I suppose that’s not quite right) I had another doctor’s appointment, a followup on for my leg injury. The news was the opposite as what I was hoping to hear.

Three more weeks in the boot. Physical therapy 3 times a week for a month.


I have to look on the bright side, if for no other reason than to keep my sanity. At least this way I know I won’t be going too fast in my eagerness to be “normal” again. I’ll gradually build the strength in my leg back up and with their guidance I’ll get back to my exercise in a couple months. I do hope that they aren’t like the sadistic physical therapists I visited after my knee surgeries but more like the ones I liked very much in El Paso right before my move east.

It really could have been worse though. At least the word “surgery” never came up.


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