New Blooms

It was back in May that I planted Gladiolus bulbs out front of the house with hopes of beautiful flowers filling that space. When they started to sprout their leaves, I was going out daily to count the number that had started growing, and after a few weeks, all had made their appearance. Unfortunately, with all the rain, a couple of them didn’t do too well and their leaves turned brown as they died. But for only 3 or 4 out of 32 to do that…that’s not too bad, right?

Anyways, I noticed the other day that there were finally buds forming. This morning, two of those had started to bloom. They’re even more beautiful than the pictures!


While I was out watering, I noticed something quite amusing in one of my flower pots in which I have some little annuals planted. There was a single little snapdragon, same color as the ones I had in there last year, that decided he wanted to join the other flowers. Life’s just grand…and he knows it.


4 thoughts on “New Blooms

  1. One little snap dragon went to seed last year, aww. It’s not bad that you only lost a couple glads, cos that period of rain we had was really unusual, and it’s good it didn’t hurt more stuff than it did. You grow flowers!

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