Lame Frustration

It’s been three weeks since I got the “boot of shame” on my leg to keep my foot still and give my soleus muscle a chance to heal….and it’s been driving me nuts! Not since my knee surgeries have I been so much a prisoner of immobility, being able to do not much more than just sit.

It’s been quite a roadblock with my health and weight loss goals, and for the time being it’s been more of a “I hope I don’t gain any weight” rather than a hope to lose any. It’s especially difficult for me when I rarely even hit the halfway mark of my daily steps goal (I have averaged around 4,000 or less daily these couple weeks), but my appetite and craving for munchies hasn’t diminished in the least.

I should be losing the boot next week, go back to looking as much like a “normal” person as is possible for me. That will be just in time for the Shippensburg Fair. Looking at the website, I was disappointed to see that they have a 5K race on that Saturday, because even though I’ll be on my own again, I won’t be ready to hop right back into running like that. It is an annual event the fair hosts though, so there’s always next year.

It’s funny, because as much as I hate running, I sure do miss it.

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