Writing Bug

Recently, I’ve been bit by the writing bug. It’s been in my blood since high school, when I took a couple creative writing classes and I first started dabbling in fiction. I started this blog not quite two years ago, and I’ve written sporadically at best. Last month was my most productive so far, with just as many posts that month as I had from February through May…combined.

Some of that is what I think of as my lack of inspiration. It’s hard for me to think up something that I think would be of any interest to anyone, so I do a lot of searching to find ideas. Recently I’ve jumped into the Writer’s Digest weekly creative writing prompts that they have on their website, and it’s been absolutely exhilarating to me. I’m able to post a short story there in the comments, and other writers can offer suggestions to improve my skills.

I’ve also been following a couple of writing blogs. They offer advice on style, determination, perseverance. Even ways you can improve your writing time, with one of the biggest factors being that you need a space that is where you write, and nothing else, and that you need to designate a time that you’ll sit down to write every day.

I need to improve in these areas, even though that’s not technically writing, it is still a part of it. And now would be a perfect time to start this habit, since I’m still laid up with my bum leg and all.


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