Off They Go!

The garden has been doing beautifully, with the tomatoes again reaching 7ft. Last year they didn’t go so high because of a disagreement they were having with a little baby black walnut tree that was too close and was stunting their growth. With the tree gone and the soil fortified with egg shells, the tomatoes are really reaching (or even passing!) their potential. It seems many of the things that we plant here are doing that.

Baby cucumber...I never realized they were so pokey!
Baby cucumber…I never realized they were so pokey!


Nancy decided to try cucumbers again this year (I guess she tried them a few years ago but they didn’t do well), and this time gave them a place to climb. 5ft, they said….well as you see, they have passed that and they’re still not done. They’ve flowers everywhere and we’ve finally started picking the cucumbers. Given the number of flowers, I think we’ll have more of these than the zucchinis!


We thinned out a few of the zucchini leaves. Some of them had been so chewed by bugs that there wasn’t much leaf left to be spoken of, and others were yellow. We also hoped that in doing this it will let some of the moisture evaporate and possibly solve the problem we’ve been having of zucchinis rotting on the vine.


The Brussels sprouts plants are getting just huge! At the base of the leaves, where it joins up with the stalk, there are some tiny little bumps. Those are what will become the sprouts that everyone knows (and hates?). That has been really fun watching them grow. I had always thought they were just little baby cabbages.


Beside the zucchinis, we have watermelons. Neither of us really know what to expect of them, if we’ll even get anything worthwhile from them, but the crawlers are out and there’s a couple little tiny melons starting to form, like this one. They took such a long time to decide on what they were going to do, but now it looks like they’ve decided they want to grow and run all over the yard.


Purple is scattered generously throughout the garden, and here I stand with my purple jalapeno plants. Beautiful plants, flowers, peppers. They’ve been incredible producers! For those wondering, they do taste (to me at least) a little bit different from the regular green jalapeno. The only way I can describe it, is it has a slightly earthy taste added to its normal heat. Delicious! We have purple bells too, which the largest pepper on that plant is slowly turning purple, starting from the bottom and working it’s way up.


Out on our crazy bamboo trellis creation, on two corners we planted purple yard long Thai beans. They have been so slow growing! The green beans have already reached the top or the 6-6 1/2 ft structure and have started going across. The limas are a good 4ft up their poles, but finally this week the purple beans decided to join in the climbing. I do hope that they were taking their time to put down roots and that they’ll now take off. The beans at one of the corners had been chewed up by rabbits, so we expected them to suffer a setback, but they too look like they’re about to start their twiners. It really is amazing to watch things grow!


Even inside, the plants seem to be doing well. I’ve had these for almost 6 weeks, and I couldn’t tell you what they are except that there’s some kind of palm and (I think) a peace lily in the big pot, and in the second picture there’s an African Violet. I’ve not killed them yet, which has me feeling optimistic. I do hope I can keep that violet alive for some time. It had the prettiest little flowers.

One thought on “Off They Go!

  1. Such a fun post, and your inside plants look good! The other pole of purple Thais do have 2 things that look like twiners now so hopefully they’ll catch up and produce a lot of beans. I hadn’t noticed that that cute little melon already has its stripes on. I have the best co-gardener! Grow on, girl!

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