The Hills on the Road to Health

Every time I think I’m doing well with my health goals, something seems to happen. I’m not sure if I think I’m doing better than I actually am, or if it’s just Murphy getting his sadistic revenge by sabotaging my progress. Either way, there are setbacks that I have to get over on my journey….one of which just tripped me and gave me a swift kick.

Saturday I went for a little run. It was about to rain so I knew I couldn’t be out long, but I managed to get 1.4 miles before the lightning started going. I’ve already got a bum knee that I wear a fancy brace for, so a little tightness in my calf after running is pretty normal. This time however…I wasn’t able to exercise Sunday because of a sharp pain in my lower leg, between my Achilles and my calf. And then yesterday, on the way in to work, I felt something pop.

After only being able to hobble, I took half the day off and went to the doctor’s office to see what my issue was. The news wasn’t welcome. I tore my Soleus muscle, one of the two muscles that’s connected to the Achilles. And worse yet….they put me in a walking boot. As the receptionist put it, it’s like the Cone of Shame that the dogs get after surgery at the vet’s.


So I’m stuck in that for 3 weeks. No cardio for me for that time, which, I won’t lie, has me discouraged. I don’t want to lose all that I’ve gained recently (or rather, gain back the pounds I’ve lost) so I’ll do what I can with nutrition and by going to the gym for upper body strength training, which the doctor said I could still do. He also said that I’d be running again before I can do my dance cardio. It’s only been 26 hours since I was given the boot, and I’m already impatient to get rid of it. I just have to remind myself that I need to follow doctor’s orders in order to heal quickly so I can get back in.

There are more races to be run.

3 thoughts on “The Hills on the Road to Health

  1. Yes following doctor’s orders is so important and I’m working on proving that with a shoulder. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. You’ll be running again before long I hope! 🙂

  2. I feel your pain because I am currently struggling with a problem in my right shoulder and torn ligament/cartelege in both wrist. Before that it was worn-out knees and feet problems. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. All you can do is keep moving forward and make adjustments….

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