Summer Rains

This week (the last couple, actually) have brought us some really good rain. After so long in the desert it’s hard for me to argue with any rain at all. I love it. The smell, the light shows, the way the Earth rejuvenates following the storms. It also really helps the garden to take off.


The cucumbers have grown almost as tall as the yellow pear cherry tomatoes behind them, and there are flowers everywhere! And the brussels sprouts are huge! I can’t wait to see them start forming on the stalks. It’s so fun growing new things, watching them grow and learning how they act.


The purple jalapenos have gotta be about a foot and a half tall, maybe more! They’re really pretty plants, with their green leaves and purple stems, and they’re flowers are my most favorite shade of purple. We’ve got three peppers that are about a half inch long, and one that’s already coming up on two. The purple bells are finally growing large. For the longest time they seemed to just be sitting there, like they were trying to decide if they wanted to really grow or not. They should be flowering soon as well.


All the plants love the rainwater more than that from the hose, even those plants we’re not happy to see. I had to do some quick weeding out front, as the weeds in the flowerbed decided to grow as fast as the tomatoes. A couple of my gladiolus aren’t looking too well, and I’m not sure if it’s because there was more rain than they like, or if the weeds were choking them. There were even morning glories trying to use them to wind on and climb up, which I put a quick stop to.


I’m still excited to see them when they finally flower. I love that I’ve been able to start to grow things here, and I’ve already been pondering over ideas of what I want to plant next year in the flowerbed I dug up along the front walk. I wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew, but it’s addicting to me…plant this little tiny bulb and a few weeks later watch it grow, changing every day. How do I choose? There are so many beautiful flowers, and so little space!

Looks like I have some choices to make. I hope I can decide by this fall!

One thought on “Summer Rains

  1. You’ll have to plan carefully cos you have other big plans for planting time next year….getting a wedding together! I’ll try to take care of the veggies part of things for the time when you two are so busy, and by the time you’re Mr. and Mrs., veggie gardening should be in full swing.

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