2015 Solstice Festival

There’s a small little annual gathering in Shippensburg that we went off to this morning: The Solstice Festival. They hold it at the township park, and I would describe it as an arts festival. There were photographers, painters, blown glass, and even one artist with metal sculptures. There were also a couple food vendors, of course, selling what I would say was typical fair-type street food (with the exception of funnel cakes….didn’t see any of those advertised). It didn’t take long to walk the circuit, less than an hour, even taking your time and looking at all the displays.

The most interesting thing to me was the presence of the local chapter of the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism), which is a group that researches and relives the Middle Ages. Dylan and his mom were both part of it many years back, and a few of those there today were old friends of theirs. They sat in the middle of the other vendor canopies, and they had a small ring set up for a fight demonstration.


There were three fighters who sparred while we were there, and one of them was a woman. I have to admit that surprised me, since they relive medieval times and I didn’t think women were allowed to participate in that. We left soon after the brief demonstration, same time that a couple raindrops started coming down.

It was an interesting little festival, though I do wonder if there would have been more people and vendors there if we hadn’t had the threat of rain all day hanging over our heads. I guess I’ll find out next year…if it doesn’t rain again.


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