Search Engines, Lost Friends, and Tomatoes

Dylan has never liked tomatoes. Ever (so far as I know). So he’s obviously less-than-enthused with my tomato plants in the garden, though he will, every once in a while, put up with me dragging him over to look at how tall they’re getting and point out all the little fruits starting to grow once the yellow flowers are done. What do I do then? I blog it.

I take pictures. I post them to social media. I write a blog and invite the rest of the world (or at least the small population that read my hastily typed words) to share in my excitement and joy of my first gardening year with the plants we started from seeds. I put up lil tags, and that sometimes gets me an extra view or two if a search engine decides my words are relevant to their inquiry. There begins this story.

A couple days ago I wrote my last blog about the garden. I got a couple views, one of them being in England. I got a friend request on social media from someone I had no idea who it was, and without another thought I dismissed it. Then yesterday, I got notification on WordPress that I had a comment pending approval. I couldn’t stop laughing as I read it. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and give the message to Dylan.

It made shift seem to drag on, and I had to stop myself from calling Dylan, as I felt that something like this should be told in person. Once home, and the dogs were taken care of, I hopped up onto the arm of the love seat, to read the comment to Dylan.

“Hi, I’m sorry if this seems weird, but I’ve been trying to track down this guy(Dylan-I don’t use social media-Baker) for quite some time, and just decided to google his name and found his name linked to yours.”

Dylan looked a bit piqued by this but the next words had his full attention and curiosity.

“I was stationed at RAF MILDENHALL with him and it would just be nice to catch up a little. I tried to send you a Facebook message, but it looks unread. I assume it went to your others folder. Kind regards, Tony”

Dylan started cracking up and said a few things I won’t put here, but he told me that this was his best friend in the Air Force when they were stationed in England, and he’d lost touch with him several years ago. I passed along Dylan’s phone number to Tony, and promptly zonked out for the night. I woke for a moment in the middle of the night and heard Dylan talking to someone, and I knew it had to be to his friend.

In the morning Dylan told me a little bit about their conversation. Tony’s wife had found my blog when searching for late-season plants to grow, and from there he had found Dylan. Life surely like to throw you a random curve, and I never expected that my online ramblings would result in the reuniting of friends who now live on opposite sides of the pond.

Dylan gave me a hug before going to bed, and said, “Thank you for growing tomatoes.”

One thought on “Search Engines, Lost Friends, and Tomatoes

  1. Wow, that is beyond amazing. What a small world social media makes of a big world. I remember him talking about Tony a lot back then, and now the lost friends are found. All because of growing tomatoes……..who knew it would have such a good other benefit!

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