Growing Like A….Tomato?

The official start of summer is only about a week away, but it’s already been feeling like it. One of the best tings being that the garden it really going strong. Our plants are taking off. The limas are climbing, the zucchinis have already been producing, and even the cherry tree has joined in this year, with bright red fruit on all its branches. I was out this morning (or early afternoon) picking close to a gallon of them to bring to a friend at work who likes to make his own wine.


With my purple obsession, we’re growing a few different veggies that come in a purple variety. The purple jalapenos are blooming pretty purple flowers, with one pepper already showing itself and growing.


I’ve also got purple cherry tomatoes, a variety called Indigo Blueberries. They’re probably going to be the first ones ready to pick. Right now they’re still green, but each has a bit of purple at the top with a little strip down the side. When ripe they’re supposed to be mostly purple with a bit of red toward to bottom of the fruit.


The tomatoes are growing like weeds. Or better than weeds. The yellow pear cherry tomatoes are racing to the tops of the tomato cages, already about up to my shoulder, and have flowers and tiny fruits starting all over. There’s something really exciting about seeing these plants growing that you started from tiny seeds.


It’s going to be a wonderful summer, filled with all manners of fresh veggies. Especially is everything keeps growing like a tomato.

2 thoughts on “Growing Like A….Tomato?

  1. Hi,
    I’m sorry if this seems weird, but I’ve been trying to track down this guy(Dylan-I don’t use social media-Baker) for quite some time, and just decided to google his name and found his name linked to yours. I was stationed at RAF MILDENHALL with him and it would just be nice to catch up a little. I tried to send you a Facebook message, but it looks unread. I assume it went to your others folder.
    Kind regards

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