Garden Full of Wonder

I haven’t gardened in years—not since high school to be specific. I tried once in El Paso to grow flowers and one Christmas I got a poinsettia plant, but I couldn’t keep any of them alive past a week or two.

Last summer, I learned I could keep flowers alive, so as I told you in a previous post, I planted some gladiolus bulbs. Well, they’re coming up! This morning I counted 5 chutes coming up through the ground, which was a lot sooner than I was expecting (I wasn’t going to start looking until June).


Last Saturday, Nancy and I went to the greenhouse for flowers for pots and baskets, and I got a few to line the front of the gladiolus bed so there would be a few blooms as we waited for them to come up. Now it seems they’ll all grow tall and pretty together!


The veggies are growing and the garden itself keeps expanding. Last week we dug up another strip of ground and planted 4 little brussel sprout plants. All the tomatoes are looking good, and we’ve even got a few volunteers sprouting! Every day I come out and “walk the farm” as Nancy says, and there’s always something new and exciting going on: more beans coming through the ground, flowers starting to show up on the lil zucchini plants, peas starting to climb. Today I’ve even got fresh spinach I picked to go in my lunch.

It’s nice to know I don’t actually have the Touch of Death with the lil plants. I just needed a bit of guidance and some good rich soil, which we really do have here. So now I get to see the wondrous changes in our garden, which may seem small and insignificant to some, but are in my eyes are magical and awesome.



3 thoughts on “Garden Full of Wonder

  1. It is all magical and awesome. You didn’t have a touch of death, you had a touch of desert! Now there is good earth, water, heirloom seeds and TLC, and that’s the perfect combination. That hook you got for your hanging basket is so cute! Soon you’ll be looking at beautiful gladiolas and eating all sorts of good things that grew……right out there>>>>. Grow on!

    1. It’s going to be so nice to be able to (or need to) eat something fresh from the garden daily, and for the front of the house to look very pretty once everything starts blooming. Seriously, how exciting!

      1. It is. There will be beans, oh yea, and once tomatoes start to come along we will need to eat lots of them! And other things in between and all along too. And the front of the house will look great!

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