New Season, New Flowers

Spring has arrived again, which means growing things and getting the garden ready. And since the threat of being sent away for three months to the academy is past, this summer I can get out and begin to work in the dirt and learn the ways of growing things.

Last summer I started with a couple flower pots, and managed to keep them alive. That was a first for me, and I was very excited by that! Nancy, my future mother-in-law, has a garden, and now we’re expanding it to include some stuff for me too. I picked up three wooden shipping crates from the recycle center in order to start a bit of container gardening. In them will be zucchinis, watermelons, and little mini carrots.

It took 13-40lb bags of topsoil to fill them all, and while I was at WalMart today picking up the last four bags, I saw all manners of flower bulbs, and rather on impulse I stopped to look. I picked out two little bags of gladiolus, very prettily pictured with the words “SPRING PLANTING – SUMMER BLOOMING” stamped across the top.


There’s a patch of ground in front of the porch that I’ve been wanting to plant something in, and when I picked up these bulbs I decided that’s where they were going. And with them being planted in the spring, I needed to clear out the patch now. What better way to spend a day off? I borrowed Nancy’s gardening gloves and trowel and started attacking the weeds, leaves, and honeysuckle that had grown up with ten years neglect behind it.

The trowel proved it wasn’t quite up to the job, so I returned with a rake and a shovel, and it seemed like after that it didn’t take much time at all. I pulled up ground cloth, filled the wheelbarrow with roots, leaves, twigs, and anything else being evicted from my new flowerbed. After digging up the ground, loosening it up so it wasn’t all hard packed, it was time to get to planting. I arranged the bulbs then with the trowel, dug their holes and dropped them in.


It was so satisfying to see the flowerbed take shape after a few hours elbow deep in dirt and weeds. I can’t wait to see the gladiolus bloom and to see the garden as it really starts to come to life. How exciting to plant things and watch them come to life!

I really do love the Spring!

2 thoughts on “New Season, New Flowers

  1. That is going to look so nice out there. You did such a good job and you’re becoming a gardener! Later on you’ll get to see more flowers, but on veggies plants, and then eat the results! Growing things and being part of the earth are good medicine for all people. Some just don’t know it yet, and some have forgotten.

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