The Power of Love


Some doubt its existence, claim that it’s a fool’s imagination. Others swear by its existence, insist that it’s the most powerful force in the universe, powerful enough to move mountains and start wars. Many of those will also argue that love is strictly a human emotion. I disagree.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard stories about the old married couple, 40…50…60 years married that die within a year (or many times less) of each other. There was even one that I read about that was within minutes, and they died holding hands. There’s never any reason. It’s just said that they give up. Without their spouse, they don’t wish to continue in this life. But why?


The other side of that coin is just as frequently quoted. The parent who survives cancer for the children. The child who survives a horrible accident or sickness for no reason other than sheer force of will and a loving family on all sides pulling for them to live. How?


I’m fairly certain I will get looks from some people thinking that I’m crazy at my next statement. Both of these circumstances that completely embody the power of this unseen emotional condition are not at all unique to humans. This week, these past five months in fact, gave me the proof that our feline friends feel this emotion just as powerfully.

Fenwing got sick rather suddenly and passed just last Tuesday. Thursday night, Friday (our last remaining cat) kind of staggered when I set her on the floor after picking her up from my lap where she slept. When I got home from work on Friday, I saw that she had not eaten much, if anything at all, that day and I was immensely concerned.

The next morning we went in to see the vet. Friday had some major health issues back in October but had seemingly pulled through. Relapse? The news the vet gave us was very grim, though I had known in my heart that it was coming. “She’s 15% dehydrated. If she was a person she would already be dead. Her kidneys are in failure…It’s time.”


We said our goodbyes, then she was gone and, an hour later, buried in the back yard with her sisters. Turns out, it was love that kept her going back in October.

Her sister Fenwing gave her something to fight for, a reason to keep going. Once she knew that Fen was gone, she gave up. My poor baby Friday died of a broken heart.


Its hard for me to wrap my head around all three of my kitties being gone. All of them brought up since kittenhood, brought home when they were tiny balls of mischievous fluff. But they led a good life, they were loved…are loved. Always.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. This was beautiful, and I can’t think of any other words for you, except… are so right about feline emotions, of course. Any one who doubts that has never loved an animal, and given their heart. It’s so sad for people who have never received and given that kind of love. ❤

  2. This is so beautiful. I am so sorry. I truly believe they do feel love. I had two turkey’s who died within weeks of each other, i know it was from loneliness, and love. ❤

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