Pennsylvania Anniversary

Last night marked the year anniversary since I arrived to the place I now call home, and as I look back I keep thinking about what a busy year it has been.  It had all started with my three day journey across country, with trailer in tow, five critters in the car, and a polar vortex on my heels.  The next morning brought shin-deep snow, icy roads, and a new town that I’m still not sure how well I actually know it.


This year was filled with all manner of firsts.  I planted flowers that lasted all summer rather than dying within the week.  Dylan took me fishing and for a few months there was always a container (or more) of live bait in our fridge, just waiting for the next trip to the lake the coming weekend.  I got my own tackle box for my birthday, which kept me grinning for weeks. During those first fishing trips we tried to make the most of our time, as I was scheduled to go to the academy, which would have been three miserable summer months in Georgia had I not been granted a last-minute waiver just days before I was scheduled to leave.

Without the academy, we were able to relax and do some of the tings that Dylan had been looking forward to sharing with me.  The Shippensburg Fair, the Corn Festival….Bass season.

My first Large-Mouth Bass that I got to keep....and eat for dinner!
My first Large-Mouth Bass that I got to keep….and eat for dinner!

With the ups there’s always downs, and while this year has been amazing, it really has been an emotional roller coaster.  I’ve suffered a lot of loss this year, losing both of my uncles within two months of each other, and having to put my darling Lucky to sleep in October.  There was awhile we feared that we would lose Friday as well, but she’s improved so much that she’s gained weight and has been off the steroid for over a month.

Dylan and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together, making traditions that we plan to carry on each year as we begin our own family, even though I had to work on both those days.  We went tromping around in the woods and called it hunted, but the only squirrel that came home was one Dylan shot and the only deer we got wasn’t killed by either of us.

I’d say the year ended on a high note, with our engagement last week, and I’m excited to see what our next year brings.  We’re saving for a boat for better more exciting fishing stories.  I’ve started losing weight again, with Dylan’s support of my diet and his encouragement for me to get to the gym, even when I don’t want to go.  And this year I’ll have my own little part in the garden, to grow flying saucer squash and purple jalepenos!

I’d say this year should be even better than the last!


3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Anniversary

  1. I would think too it will be better. Now you’re engaged and making plans to be married, and it doesn’t get any better than that! Unless you count growing purple food to eat, while you’re making your wedding plans. 🙂 I’m so happy to be getting a wonderful daughter in law.

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