Winter Night Life

Rarely do people relate winter with life. Rather, it’s associated with the cold, the barren, the dead. And while the earth may be resting for the next growing season, the forest is still teeming with life if one looks—or listens—hard enough.

Squirrels are everywhere, growing fat and happy on the corn and sunflower seeds that Dylan puts out for them, and he routinely sees three or four rabbits in the field when he gets home from work. The spring robins have long since moved on but the tiny snowbirds have moved in, and there are frequent cardinals and bluejays, tufted titmouses and mourning doves, black capped chickadees and nuthatches.

Last night, we heard evidence of something bigger, something special. There were two owls, which we learned (with a bit of research) were Great Horned Owls; a mated pair that were conversing with each other as they were hunting.

It reminded me of one of my favorite books from when I was in elementary school, Owl Moon. The story is about a young girl that goes out in the night with her father to listen to the call of the Great Horned Owl. I never imagined I would be in her shoes, all grown up and listening to the owls with my boyfriend in our back yard.

Life, even in winter, is wondrous and amazing. I can’t wait to see what I discover next.


2 thoughts on “Winter Night Life

  1. Such a nice sound out there in the quiet of the night. You’ll hear them more, plus screech owls, in the summer when there are young rabbits. Life is amazing, every day. It’s so good that you appreciate nature, cos many people don’t, and look what they miss!

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