To Everything A Season

It’s been over a decade since I’ve dealt with real seasons and weather, and I guess Pennsylvania wanted to make sure I got a proper welcome to the state. There was lots of snow and ice upon my arrival to show me winter, and lots of rain and green in the spring and even over the summer.

Autumn, though….it started sneaking in, probably a month and a half to two ago.  It was gradual. The tomatoes gradually getting smaller, a few trees beginning to change leaves.


Many trees remained green as the first changed leaves fell, and I felt like once autumn had arrived winter started hurrying it along, as if impatient to return.


We dodged a couple frosts, but the cold finally did catch up with us and it was even flurrying this morning. There’s predictions of 20’s all weekend, accompanied by snow and rain. The lima beans that had ruled the garden were killed and the yard looks sadly barren without their 7+ foot vines.

At work today, I find myself at the truck gate, bundled up in my fleece jacket, gloves, and earmuffs. One of our regular drivers still had his sleeves rolled up, and he asked me, “What will you do when it really gets cold?” I don’t have an answer for that. I hope I have enough layers to wear to stay relatively comfortable as I dream of warmer times.

I suppose though, this is Mother Nature’s vacation. She worked hard this year, and the garden produced a lot. Now it’s time for Her to kick back, make snow angels with the kids, while I curl up in sweats under the fleece throw with hot cocoa and a movie.

With nothing else to do, I should just welcome in the season of snow, soup, and sweaters…because almost everything needs a season.


3 thoughts on “To Everything A Season

  1. Very nice post. Drink that cocoa and make soup while the earth has a rest, and in the spring there will be all sorts of wonderful things come forth. Flowering trees, purple beans…… 🙂

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