Winter’s Tantrum of Spring’s Arrival

With the recent move came several changes, a major one being a little thing called “weather” which is largely determined by another thing called “seasons.” I’ve heard of these things before, but back in El Paso we really only had two “seasons”….Hot and Windy. As soon as I got to my new residence, the Weather arrived. I could see the ground that night but the next morning…..BOOM! Welcome to Pennsylvania! 8 inches of snow.

And it didn’t end there.

That snow was followed by another, then another, and another… just kept coming in. One of these storms was a foot of snow, some just a dusting, and the rest somewhere in the middle, giving us three or four more inches. That all started the beginning of February, and it’s taken until about last week to finally begin to melt off to the point that most of it is now gone.

Yesterday was the first “official” day of Spring, escorted in by the equinox, so the days are finally going to be longer than the nights, the temperatures finally above freezing.

daffodil stem

The daffodils are beginning to sprout their leaves through the ground and the little crocus are showing the first blooms for the year. I’ve been told that the handful of little blooms will soon be a blanketing groundcover of the petite flowers, the royal carpet that Mother Nature lays out to welcome in her daughter Spring.


Winter, however, is a sore loser and jealous sibling, and isn’t letting go of our little corner of the country without a fight. It’s 62° today, but in a few days we’re supposed to get snow again, with the day’s high being half that.

I want to call foul on that. I want a recount, the play to be reviewed, an appeal taken to a higher court. I’m ready for the warmer temperatures and all the fun outdoor activities that come with them. The little crocus just smiles at me, gives a calm and silent assurance that I needn’t get worked up over Winter’s parting shots and underhanded tricks. The deep freeze is over, and she won’t be stopped.

Spring is here.


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