Waiting For Monday

I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but for me it seems that I can be excited and overjoyed but still panicked out of my gourd at the same time. I stand on the edge of something that I’ve been wanting and working toward for a long time—specifics of location for half a year but the general idea for probably three times that.

In three days my future job status will no longer be up in the air, and to hear it so defined scares the daylights out of me. Everything has been suspended in time for the past month and a half, and now suddenly it’s all moving forward at an incredibly fast rate.

Once I pass the physical and PT test, my tentative job offer will become a concrete one, a report date will be given, and I’ll have to pack the house and critters and drive two thousand miles to my new life. Change happens—they say it’s good. I find it can’t be summed up so tidily in a four-letter word.

It’s so much more than just “good.” It’s got me happy, excited, nervous, terrified…a whole spectrum of emotions that’s not going to find any relief until I park at my new home with the pack, drive, and PT test behind me, all of which will come in gradual stages. And it all begins in three days.

Monday isn’t looked forward to by many, but this week…this Monday…will be the first step to the rest of my life.


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