Silent Heartbreak

What do they know of a life such as mine?
“Have faith.” Empty words. “There’s ever still time.”

Never apart but not quite together,
Silently hidden, my heart as the tether.

For no one had known the depth of my love.
Just me and myself and the Forces above.

The pain that it caused, so sharp and so deep,
Magnified much more by the secrets I keep.

But how to go on, see hope through my tears?
For how shall I stand and conquer my fears?

No one will come to save for me the day.
It’s all on me. There is no other way.

But oh! How I wish that this was not so!
That he would come find me, never let go.

Tis not to be; I continue alone,
Wishing just once for my heart to be stone.

For what do they know of this life that is mine?
Nothing at all, for they think I’m just fine.

© Eliza Winkler, 2013


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