Contest Results

It was several months ago that I found out about—and submitted my three poems to—the Writer’s Digest Poetry Contest. Its part of an annual thing they have in which poetry is only one category. They published the results in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue. Poetry isn’t my normal choice of expression, so secretly I did expect the result I got. I didn’t want to admit that, and I certainly didn’t want to admit how keen my disappointment was when I realized I hadn’t even been in the running. The top ten were selected for each category and my name was nowhere to be found.

I really don’t know what I was expecting. I couldn’t seriously expect to go against people who write that style on a regular basis, could I? I guess I had just hoped that the emotion that went into them would have shown through, expressed itself through the words on the submitted digital pages. They were probably viewed as being unpolished and amateurish, or perhaps the subject was too overused and trite.

They are quite dear to me and even though I didn’t win and so they won’t be published there, I will put two of them up here soon. I hope you enjoy them!


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