Operation Desert Shutdown

As the holidays approach, El Paso is finally starting to see some type of weather. We pretty much have two seasons here: Hot and Windy. Yesterday, and parts of today, are definitely falling into that second category, although not with quite as much vigor as we usually get in the spring during our long Windy Season. And to make the wind even better, it got cold.

A front is finally moving toward us, and the weather reports are spreading nasty rumors about a possible one to three inches of snow. Now that may not sound like much to my partner at work tonight, who’s from Michigan, or even to my family who are in Colorado….but drop that kind of snow in El Paso and you may as well be unleashing the Gates of Hell and starting the Apocalypse. It’s more than enough needed to shut down the whole city and get them all stocking their pantry for the End of Days.2013-01-04_03-19-00_707

Anyone who has ever driven here will understand what I mean. In a place where any precipitation at all is a rarity, even a slight cloud cover is enough to set the masses into a panic that results in accidents in every other intersection. The rain increases the hysteria, and snow or ice…..forget about getting anywhere in any sort of reasonable amount of time. Last year it took me an hour and a half to get to work.

The clouds have been solid for over two days now. When I left the house there was a crispness to the air, along with the smell of snow. When I said that to my boyfriend, he gave me a weird look and decided—yet again—that I’m strange for yet another reason. While I’ve been here for far too long, and therefore have become quite unaccustomed to the cold, I love that feeling in the air, love the smell of the snow and the feeling it brings.


So as the rain has begun to fall and the temperature has dropped to freezing, I hope that the drivers all stay inside so that my drive home will be safe and uneventful.


5 thoughts on “Operation Desert Shutdown

  1. We get the smaller version of that here if a snow of over a couple inches is predicted. People run to the store to buy all the milk and bread like they’re going to be snowed in for a week. But our roads get cleared really quick these days. Only in the 3 days of all-day snow of a 94 blizzard did things really stop moving.

    I hope you have some warm clothes…….

    Your description of it coming there is wonderful. Be careful.

    1. I had several layers and was warm enough (despite me telling Dylan how cold it was lol) and the snow only stuck on a couple roads that were elevated. I-10 did apparently did shut down further east and I think I passed about half a dozen accidents on the way home, some of which were over where the roads were mostly dry.

  2. Then you’re home, and I hope that’s the end of traveling in it for you. It’s on its way here. Right not the thermometer says 29 here but the wind chill makes it feel like 19. I hope you have a lot of warm clothes!

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