To Kill My “Darlings”

I keep staring at my outline, wondering where I’m headed, where my book is going. Which at the moment is nowhere. I’ve reached the 23rd page and final details evade me while other details keep bugging me. I wonder if things are just a little too far fetched, if I’m reaching into thin air and trying to force it to fit the aimless idea that it was all based on years ago when I dreamed the characters up.

I have changed the outline before, which was a lot more work than I expected. That was just a change in the order of events and it turned into a rewrite of about two-thirds of the outline as it stood at the time. What I look at doing now is much more than just a rearranging of events.

I’m looking at rewriting my outline.

As I’ve started my novel planning, I’ve looked at different writing methods. One thing I learned is that my planning documents are fluid, and they are constantly subject to change. New ideas emerging and old ones that I accept don’t work constantly make me reevaluate the plans and progress I’ve made so far.

So I continue staring at my computer screen, wondering if there’s an easier way to do this since I don’t have a printer, or if all ways of tackling the outline will be just as complicated. The ideas are here and ready to be put into place, so now it is just myself that needs to be prepared.

While I’m at it, I’ll remind myself that it’s better to have to overhaul an outline rather than a full manuscript, and that I shouldn’t get too attached to some ideas or scenes if they’re just not going to add anything to the book. I have to remind myself that sometimes it’s not just okay—but necessary—to kill my “darlings.”


2 thoughts on “To Kill My “Darlings”

    1. Yeah that’s how I went about rearranging several scenes last time. There was still a lot that I had to correct to make sense with it after that tho. But this time there’s a lot of new material, change in settings, characters introduced at different times…so some things I may be able to cut and paste but I fear much of it can’t be.

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