What’s in a [Mascot’s] Name?


I’ve got a decent drive to work, almost fifty miles round-trip, and recently some of the billboards have sprouted eyes.  Big, angry, red eyes…with the ominous message that “They’re coming.” It looked like an attack of the Angry Birds.


Oh no….it’s something much worse.

El Paso has gone and decided that it’s going to have a minor league baseball team.  This happened some time ago (a year or so if I recall), which struck some of us (… or maybe just me…) as weird since we’ve already got one.  But as they have pointed out, the new team will be AAA, while our current Diablos are just AA.

I adore baseball, but this situation still has me scratching my head and wondering if it’s really for the best or if it’s a desperate and futile attempt to make our little border city look slightly more appealing.  Not an easy thing to do when a few years ago city hall got hit by a couple bullets fired from Mexico and our state governor can’t even tell the difference between El Paso and our “sister city” to the south, Juarez.

So the fun is only beginning. The contract apparently said that the field needs to be downtown, which is a place I only go for jury duty or for work when I have to pick someone up from the county jail.  It’s a cramped place, as is any city area like that.  So where do they think there will be room for a ball park?

Simple.  All they had to do was tear down city hall.

True story.  This can’t be made up.

Now as I don’t expect to be here when they throw their first pitch, I’m not sure how much of an opinion I’m allowed to have on the whole thing.  Not to mention I’m still not sure what my opinion about it is. Except for this…..the mascot.

Those big, angry, red eyes weren’t from the Angry Birds.  It was a big, rabid version of Clifford.  I saw something that had said the mascot was going to be the “Sun Dogs,” which, stupid as that sounds, is still better than what I’ve now heard it is.  The El Paso Chihuahuas.


…….really? I thought the point of a mascot was to strike the proverbial fear into the heart of the opposing team (we’ll just ignore the pro teams named after articles of clothing), not make them fall over laughing.

Let’s just hope—for their sake—that the team does well enough to overcome the unfortunate mascot chosen for them.


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